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 Mares and Foals

Semen Philip 1st of Hi Arrow (AI)

We are pleased to welcome this grand old gentleman of the grand old breed. Philip has sired numerous champions in several countries. His exceptional pedigree sets him apart from the majority of Highlands in the states. Philip's pedigree is easily traced to 100% Scottish animals within the first few generations. Philip consistently sires strong breed character, structural correctness and gentle temperaments. His dam was still producing in Canada at age 17!


Bart of Benmore 
Artair of Argaty     
Bhanna Prionnsa 172nd of Benmore     
Barbara Gaolach of Talbot 
Shelterwood Talbot  Gille Buidhe of Benmore   
GOF Gwendolyn   
Brochaill 5th of Cailaich  Uisidean Dubh of Cailaich   
Brochaill of Cailaich   

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