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Franklin, Missouri 65250

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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Click for a larger picture of Lady Ruadh 3rd of VH

Lady Ruadh 3rd of VH

VHFD02 Light Red


Summit Ranch Uzzi 
Scott of Craycombe     
Lady Ruadh of VH 
Jock of Glengorm  Jock of Benmore  John of Ulva 
Annag Ruadh 3rd of Benmore 
Bheadareachd 2nd of Glengorm  Carn Mairg of Scone Palace 
Bheadareachd 6th of Braes of Gre 
Ashbrooks Katherine JOM  Jock of Mapleview  Scott of Craycombe 
Lady Luck 59 
Lady Luck 59  Jock 28th of Leys 
Lady 58th of Leys 

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