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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Constella 6th of Vintage Hill (PV,D)

Sold 2/15/23. Thick and compact Finn Daughter. Good disposition, comes for grain.


Black Watch Finn 
Fingal of Auchnacraig  Coinneach of Pollock  Padruaig Ruadh of Douglas 
Alison of Pollok 
Walnut of Auchnacraig  Donald Ruadh 3rd of Glenogle 
Marigold of Auchnacraig 
Desiree of Kiyiwana  Jock 28th of Leys  Brogach Alex of Glenfintaig 
Lady 14th of Leys 
Anabla 42nd of Leys  Lord Tara of Old Greenlaw 
Anabla 14th of Leys 
Constella 3rd of VH 
Summit Ranch Uzzi  Scott of Craycombe  Philip 1st of Craycombe 
Jehudith 1st of Craycombe 
Swains Betula  Gille Buidhe of Benmore 
GOF Maya 
Constella of Vintage Hill (ET,D)  Constellation of Swains  Gille Bhuide of Benmore 
GOF Maya 
Ella of Kiyiwana  Jock 28th of Leys 
Anabla 42nd of Leys 

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