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Franklin, Missouri 65250

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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Gille Ruadh of Vintage Hill

Full Scottish Sire


Dunvegan's Gille Nan Gleann ET 
Arkle of Ousdale  Uilleam Seumas of Burnside   
Bell of Ousdale   
Leodaig 4th of Cullern  Lord Robert of Old Greenlaw   
An Uiseag 10th of Leachy   
Ella of Kiyiwana 
Jock 28th of Leys  Brogach Alex of Glenfintaig   
Lady 14th of Leys   
Anabla 42nd of Leys  Lord Tara Of Old Greenlaw   
Anabla 14th of Leys   

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