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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Faoilite 2nd of Vintage Hill

By Summit Ranch Uzzi (AI) and out of Faoilite Ruadh of VH (ET) full sister to Autumn Mist Simeon.  Pedigree is full of the grand Scottish sires in first few generations!


Summit Ranch Uzzi (AI) 
Scott of Craycombe  Philip 1st of Craycombe   
Jehudith 1st of Craycombe   
Swains Betula  Gille Buidhne of Benmore   
GOF Maya   
Faoilite Ruadh of VH (ET) 
Jock of Glengorm  Jock of Benmore   
Bheadareachd 2nd of Glengorm   
Sunset Majestic Madeline  Bart of Benmore   
Sunset Little Lady Gadiva   

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