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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Semen Ridge Top MacDougal (AI)

MacDougal wears his incredible pedigree with the regalness it dictates. This impressive bull hales from some of the strongest Scottish genetics and exhibits the size and length to sire modern show winners. Consistently weighing over 2000#, Mac has great length and substantial bone. His large well formed feet and sturdy ruggedness exemplify all that is good with the Highland breed. His gentle temperament makes him easy to handle and move from field to field. Semen Available.


Bart of Benmore 
7177 27432 
Artair of Argaty  Robert of Meyton   
Sorcha Ruadh 6th of Breachacha   
Bhanna Prionnsa 172nd of Benmore  John of Ulva   
Bhanna Prionnssa 71st of Benmore   
Ridge Top Laurella 
Brain of Dirtane  Ben Englair of Scone Palace   
Bean Mhumhan of Dirtane   
Who's Hill Amberlie  GOF Faraday   
Munisunk Lucy   

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