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Vintage Hill Farm – Highland Cattle


Ashbrook's Katherine JOM

Katherine is the most recent calf of Lady Luck 59. She is the product of a linebreed back to her half brother to concentrate the Leys cow line. Her pedigree is 100% Scottish.


Jock of Mapleview (AI) 
Scott of Craycombe  Philip 1st of Craycombe   
Jehudith 1st of Craycombe   
Lady Luck 59  Jock 28th of Leys   
Lady 58th of Leys   
Lady Luck 59 
Jock 28th of Leys  Brogach Alex of Glenfintaig   
Lady 14th of Leys   
Lady 58th of Leys  Lord Tara of Old Greelaw   
Lady 15th of Leys   

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