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Trina of Kiyiwana

Trina of Kiyiwana displays strong breed character and exceptional size. She has excellent depth of body and is strong and square across the back with straight legs and quality feet. With perfect horns and tons of character, she is a cow you can look at all day. One of the last of the line of Kiyiwana cows. Trina's heifers are the foundation of many strong breeding programs here in the states.  Now deceased.


Jock 28th of Leys 
7207 22279 
Brogach alex of Glenfintaig  Ben Screel of Scone Palace   
Duchess Cora 12th of Cladich   
Lady 14th of Leys  Niall of Douneside   
Lady 9th of Leys   
Lady 58th of Leys 
31866 22286 
Lord Tara of Old Greelaw     
Lady 15th of Leys     

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